Welcome to the country of magical coasts and awe-inspiring landscapes: Croatia!

On our newly developed platform, you can find useful information on how to explore Croatia, the beautiful country of Dalmatian coasts. Unlike the older structures of mass tourism, Croatia and Croatian people offer relaxing yet breathtaking holiday packages for those who would like to get the most out of their holidays. Visitors from all around the world, including solo travellers, adventurers, families or outdoor sports teams can find what they are seeking with affordable prices and hospitability.

Explore Croatia with Accurate Information

On our new platform for Croatian holidays, you can find various information on different travel spots in Croatia. Here is a short list of topics which would help you explore Croatia more easily:

  • Croatia at a Glance: The most essential and useful information which you need to know before you go on your holiday in Croatia. Details on population size, currency, climate, the language and the electric plugs are all reminded to travellers getting ready for their trip to Croatia
  • Must-See Places in Croatia: Without visiting these cities and exploring the horizon at different sunsets, your holiday would not be complete. Don’t miss out anything, just check the list on must-see attractions
  • Finding Hostels or Hotels in Croatia: Finding the best hotel for you in Croatia is not difficult if you apply the correct strategy on how to find it
  • Finding Small Villas or Apartments: If you are looking for your own comfort, you can enjoy staying at a lovely villa or an apartment in Croatia. Check for new opportunities and advice on how to find the best villa for yourself.