Croatia welcomes everyone with its Dalmatian coastline and beautiful sunsets, equally harmonised with historical ruins, palaces and fortresses. Travellers from all around the world can enjoy the beautiful climate and affordable prices when it comes to visiting Croatia. If you are going to visit Croatia for the first time, it is highly recommended to check our tips for first-time travellers, so that you are prepared for what to expect, and you be aware of the different possibilities on your road trip.

Exploring Croatia for the First Time? Let the Adventure Begin!

Starting from April until October, Croatia offers terrific weather and abundant sun for those who would like to enjoy the seacoast and the warmth. If you are taking your flight from London or Frankfurt, where the number of dull, rainy days is more than sunny ones, you will be so happy to arrive at the Croatian coast, with diverse holiday attractions at affordable prices. Here are some tips for first-time travellers to Croatia:

  • There are two popular regions to visit in Croatia: For hiking, trekking and camping activities it is suggested to go for the Istria and Kvarner region which is located in North Croatia. If you are looking for stunning crystal clear waters and soft beaches, then you might prefer going to Dalmatia in South Croatia where Dubrovnik and Split are located.
  • You have so much luggage and you don’t want to carry it all? No problem; there is a Left luggage in Split service where you can leave your bags for a couple of hours, or for an arranged duration, and pick them up at a later time.
  • Croatia uses its own currency, so you might need to exchange some money before going to the centre of the Croatian city in which you have arrived.
  • It is beneficial to keep in mind that the electricity voltage in Croatia is 220V and the plugs are two round prongs. So, be prepared before coming.