Croatia is a European Union country which offers cheap and secure holiday packages for those looking for the harmony of medieval antiquity and mesmerising landscapes of nature. With its crystal clear waters, clean coastal areas and welcoming prices everywhere, Croatia has become a top-rated holiday destination for many people. While there are so many activities to do and historical ruins to explore, there are some must-see spots which each visitor should discover in Croatia. Here is a short list of these pivotal travel spots that everyone should see in Croatia.

Visiting Croatia? Don’t Miss the Must-See Spots

For photographers, adventurers, youngsters and also for families, Croatia has a lot to offer. Whether you are on a much-needed solo trip or travelling with your family or friends, there are stunning spots in Croatia which you should not miss during your stay. Here is a short list of must-see attractions in Croatia for international visitors:

  • Visiting Dubrovnik: Old town Dubrovnik is waiting for those who are willing to experience the ”Kings Landing” and walk through the inner streets of the city with its high walls and reddish rooftops while facing the relaxing breeze from blue waters.
  • Catch the Sunset in Split: Known to be the second largest city of Croatia, Split is named after a

”Mediterranean Flower” and is extremely clean and cosy on the Dalmatian coast. Enjoy shopping at the open air market and swimming at the soft beaches of Split.

  • Plitvice National Park: If you are looking for stunning landscape sceneries surprising you with lakes, waterfalls and a great diversity of vegetation where you can also go hiking or orienteering, Plitvice National Park is the correct location for you.
  • Watersports in Hvar: This beautiful Dalmatian island offers diverse opportunities of watersports for international visitors. Enjoy shopping among marble streets and ancient walls.
  • Don’t Miss Out Zagreb: Being the capital city of the country, Zagreb is famous for its colourful Christmas markets.