Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split are the best-known cities of Croatia for holidays in this country. However, the popularity of the other Croatian towns and cities also increases year by year, due to the number of international tourists visiting Croatia. If you are visiting Split and curious about the other towns nearby, Trogir is an excellent destination to explore culture, history and nature. Trogir, being a historical marine town and a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands as an example of the colourful Croatian culture. If you have already visited Split, it is time to explore Trogir.

From Mainland to the Island: Discover the Blue Lagoon

Crystal clear waters are waiting for those who would like to dive into the blue lagoon of Trogir, Croatia. This historical marine city is only thirty kilometres away from Split. So, if you are coming from Split, and you want to leave your luggage, then you can use the Trogir luggage storage service to leave your bags and enjoy the day. You can pick up your bags whenever it suits you and continue with your travel itinerary. Here is a short but undoubtedly handy list of the main attractions in Trogir, Croatia:

  • Trogir Cathedral: This is a must-see spot in the old town. Its historic construction dates as far back as the 12th century. The mesmerising architecture is one of the symbols of the town.
  • Beaches around Trogir: You can enjoy Croatian blue waters and clean beaches around Trogir.
  • Scuba diving in the Blue Lagoon of Trogir: If you would like to explore Trogir’s archaeological ruins underwater, the Blue Lagoon is the ideal spot.
  • The Clock Tower and City Loggia: If you would like to see the whole town from the top, the Clock Tower gives you this opportunity of seeing Trogir in 360 degrees
  • Blue Cave and Hvar: There are day tours from Trogir via boats to the Blue Cave and Hvar so that more Dalmatian coasts can be explored.