Due to the Mediterranean climate and affordable prices for accommodation and meals, many Europeans prefer spending their summer holidays in Croatia. Newly married couples, friends or solo adventurers prefer staying in hotels and apartments, rather than luxury villas or large houses with a garden and a pool. It is relatively easier to book a clean, safe and trustworthy hotel, rather than arranging a luxury villa in Croatia.

Book Your Hotel or Apartment in Croatia Now

When on holiday, people do not want to deal with the issues of meals, transport, accommodation and excursion details. Instead, they would really love to enjoy all the pre-determined services available for them at their hotels. Small families also prefer all-inclusive hotels. Croatia offers a great variety of accommodation options for all groups of visitors. If you are staying at a hotel in Croatia, you will be able to benefit from 24/7 available reception, on-site parking, pre-planned activities and probably a meal plan which is included in your package. Many Croatian hotels in Dalmatia offer a satisfactory breakfast, and several hotels along the coast often offer a complimentary dinner. Depending on the hotel company, your transfer from and to the airport can also be provided. There are also all-inclusive hotel resorts in Croatia, where you do not need to worry about any detail once you book your room with your partner or family. However, there are not so many globally known hotel companies in Croatia. Nevertheless, hotels such as Valamar, Plava Laguna and Maistra are the most successful and well-known brands serving with high quality.

For those who would like to rent an apartment, Croatia offers a great variety of options. Renting an apartment can be more comfortable for those who plan to spend most of their time outdoors, without feeling the need to use any facility of a five-star hotel. Therefore, staying at an apartment can be more feasible in economic terms.