Planning your dream holiday in Croatia has never been so easy! For larger families or for newly married couples and friends, it is financially more feasible to rent a luxury villa or a house in Croatia. On the beautiful Dalmatian coasts and Croatian islands, thousands of villas and houses are waiting for their next visitors. Regardless of the first-time travellers coming to Zagreb on a flight or arriving at Dubrovnik via bus from other Balkan countries, people can reach their dream villa in almost all the cities of Croatia.

Explore the Fabulous Villas and Houses of Croatia

More than forty thousand properties in the form of luxury villas with a pool and huge garden are waiting to be rented by the next visitors to Croatia. If you and your family fancy staying at a house rather than a hotel, then exploring the available villas all around Croatia can present you with dream accommodation opportunities. Here is a short list of where to find the dream villas and houses for your stay in Croatia:

  • Dubrovnik region and Dubrovnik City: This region enables visitors to spend a couple of days in the old city of Dubrovnik exploring the historical fortress and the crystal clear waters. Renting a villa would be advantageous in terms of transport.
  • Southern Dalmatia including Peljesac and Korcula: The spot for renting a luxury villa if you are interested in exploring vineyards, olive groves and small villages around this area.
  • Northern Dalmatia: For busy, outdoor sports people, it is best to stay at a great house in this region, organise your own meals and continue walking and hiking. For landscape photographers and nature enthusiasts, this region has a lot to offer.
  • Brac Island, Hvar Island, Vis Island: Staying in a luxury villa with your family on a Croatian island facing the Adriatic Sea? It is undoubtedly time to make your dreams come true. There are numerous villas available on the islands, suitable for rent.